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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental treatment in the world and is a simple and effective way to lift stains and lighten and brighten your smile. Over-the-counter whitening products may be able to make mediocre and temporary improvements to the color of your smile, but experts agree that only in-office whitening performed by a cosmetic dentistry professional can deliver consistent, fast and long-lasting results.

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Dental Implants

If you are considering replacing any of your teeth, contact Gentle Dental Spa today to schedule an appointment. Our friendly and professional staff can make sure that you understand your options and find the replacement that works best for you!

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Emergency Dental Care

If you suffer from recurrent wisdom tooth infections, or your wisdom teeth are proving particularly difficult to get through, your dentist may recommend surgical intervention to remove the wisdom teeth altogether

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Dental Braces

Many of us can identify some of the imperfections with our smile. Gaps, misalignments, and crooked teeth can all work to keep us from smiling and making that solid first impression. Unfortunately, the fix for this was usually braces, which only brought more attention to your teeth. However, the dental industry has greatly improved, and patients now have greater options to correct their smile without braces.

ClearCorrect offers clear aligners to gradually help to move and shape your smile while disguising the fact that you have dental work in place throughout the day.

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Cavity Filling

Almost everyone will experience tooth decay at some point in his or her life. Swift detection and correction of tooth decay can minimize the significant expenses and inconveniences associated with more serious problems caused by tooth decay. Restorative dentistry treats all phases of tooth decay, from simple cavity fillings to entire tooth replacements

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Preventative Dentistry

Finding a new dentist can be a complicated process. After researching dentists near you, making sure that they accept your insurance, getting estimates for your exam, and reading all their reviews, we often forget about the entire point of that initial appointment. Your first appointment helps to establish you as a patient for that office and gets you familiar with a new staff and their general procedures. Your new dentist will likely want to complete an initial screening, review your medical history, and conduct an exam. Part of this exam generally includes a cleaning and x-rays.